Saturday, 17 April 2010


I have ticked off 2 more of my tasks

52 - Make my Best friend a 3oth Birthday lucky dip. I have been collecting little gifts and wrapping them as I go along. Each is wrapped in different paper so they look very colourful and inviting in the gift bag. The gifts vary jewellerry, make up, silly toys, stationary, lots of fun little items. I am looking forward to giving it to her.

Also I bought my Mum a bunch of flowers on My Birthday last Tuesday. She was very surprised and liked them. She asked what were they for so i told her for having me!

I have been in the garden today pottering around and planting seeds to grow more veggies this year. I enjoyed having them last year.

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  1. Lucky dip gifties are wonderful - I've done it a few times for my parents at Christmas (well Advent into Christmas) and they have loved it every time - and giving your Mum flowers "just because" is smashing (hmm now there's an idea!)


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