Sunday, 24 June 2012

Letter of the Week - F

This week we have been looking at the Letter F


On Monday we made a Feather F to display on the wall and refer back to, we also spent some time on the laptop playing "Elmos Fire Safety Game" here at Sesame Streets website. They have tonnes of really cute games on there with lots of educational themes,

Tuesday was spent making a picture of things beginning with F, including some Fur donated by my Mums doggy! We did some writing practice and he managed to write something more than resembling an F.

Next project we did was on Wednesday when we made a Paper Plate Frog mask, we used an ordinary paper plate and covered it in Green paint and added a little glitter for good measure! Once dry we stuck on some eyes, drew a nose and mouth and Nanny knitted a long tongue.

 A really simple craft for Thursday was to take lids from tissue boxes and turn them into fish. A little bit of drawing from me and some colouring from Aidan and we had our own school of Rainbow fish.

Fireman Sam is a huge hit in our house at the moment and fits nicely with the F theme, we sat together and did some Fireman Sam sticker activities and also watched a couple of episodes.

 Friday we got some use out of the Early Learning Centre Farm set, I also had a wipe clean Farm book with differnet counting and writing activitys.

Friday was also spent at the Fruit shop where I let Aidan choose 5 fruits, he went for Grapes, Strawberrys, a Pear, cherries and a red apple once we got home we washed and chopped up the fruit and tasted them all, after we made a cute Fruit picture using stickers.


Saturday was full of Fireworks! Using some black card and some glitter glue pens we managed to make our own Firework display, ideally I guess I should have done F later in the year when I could have took Aidan to an actual Firework display but these were the next best thing.

Flapjacks were also baked today, I didnt take a photo of them as they fell apart but as often is the case with these things they tasted delicious!

 Sunday we had a release party! We were lucky enough that my Uncle and Auntie have a pond in their garden and a few months ago they noticed frog spawn, frog spawn turns to Tadpoles and Tadpoles turn into FROGS! They had to keep some of the tadpoles and frog spawn in a seperate bucket as the fish were eating them all so now they are bigger we let them all loose.


Aidan is braver than me!
Aidan also had a kickabout with a Football with my Uncle, being 24 weeks pregnant I skipped this one! In the evening we watched England in the Euro 2012 Football competition.

Whilst out and about each day we looked for Letter Fs and Flowers all around, also Flags which at the moment with the Football and Jubilee just passed was fairly easy!

  As well as all these Activities we also read:
"Barry The fish with Fingers" Sue Hendra
"Fireman Sam and the great fre of Pontypandy"

And we watched:
Finding Nemo
Tinkerbell and the great Fairy rescue
Fox and Hounds

Other Activities I had planned but did not get round to:
Go for a walk in the Forest 
Visit an Aquarium or Fish in a Pet shop
Visit a Farm, we went to one on Holiday last week so didnt want to repeat
Look at Family photos
Fishing in the bath
Visit a Florists to choose flowers
Make a Fairy
Make a Fire picture
As before most of the ideas were my own but some great ideas can be found here

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Letter of the Week - C

This week Aidan and I have been looking at the letter C, why the letter C I hear you cry! Why not start at A? Well I decided against the correct order as it gave me better flexibility with other events already planned, eg I knew the Carnival was scheduled for this week so it fitted with C, Police Open day is being rescheduled for September time so when better to do the letter P.  Aidan can sing the ABC song so he knows the correct order anyway so I didn't feel doing them out of order was a massive issue. When planning the activity's I have tried to include things to taste, things to hear (where possible), things to touch, things to read, things to make, things to watch and things to do and visits.

 On Monday I got a wicker basket and filled it with lots of objects from around the home beginning with C, I covered the basket and Aidan had to pull out an object with his eyes shut and guess what he thought it was by feeling it. Once all the items were out of the basket I asked him what Letter he thought they all began with and we laid them out around a card letter C that he later decorated.

How many things beginning with C can you see at the minute?

At snack time we ate Carrots and some Cherry's


And later at dinner we ate Chicken Kiev's, Crunchies and Corn

Meals are normally a little healthier!

I forgot to take some Photos but on Tuesday we baked Cakes and decorated them as well as playing with Cars and the road mat.

On Wednesday I needed an activity to amuse him whilst we visited my Grandmother, so the night before I cut out pictures of things beginning with C from Newspapers and Magazines that he could look at and stick onto a poster to be displayed at home. We then further decorated the Poster by using Glitter pens to practice writing Cs.

Sticking pictures of words of things beginning with C onto his Poster

Showing off his handy work!

On Thursday at the Surestart Centre I was lucky enough for them to have set out Castles for the Children to play with so Aidan and I played with the Knights.

What a Lucky coincidence!

On Friday we made Caterpillar Cs using pom poms, pipe cleaners and glitter, they actually look really great and I have put them up on the wall in the Living room.

Whilst out and about each day we looked for the Letter C on signs and parked cars.
Each day Aidan coloured in a picture of 

 As well as all these Activities we also read:

"The Hungry Caterpillar" By Eric Carl
"Dave" By Sue Hendra (About a big fat Cat named Dave!)
"Spots Camping Trip" By Eric Hill
"Casper the Caterpillar" By Katie Hewat (A wiggly eyes book which you pop fingers into!)

And we watched:
Alvin and the Chipmunks

Other Activities I had planned but did not get round to:

Making a Paper plate Cat
Making a rock crab
Visit the Carnival, it got cancelled due to bad weather :-(
Drawing with Chalks in the garden, again rain stopped play
Make a crown, we had done this the week before for the Jubilee so no point repeating
Visit a Car wash
Buy and look after a Cactus
Indoor Camping Trip (tent up in Living room!)

It really has worked as Aidan is much more confident with the letter C now and shouts when he sees one, he was thrilled (so was I!) when he spotted one on Countdown on TV!

A lot of the Ideas are my own and some I found on a Great website here:

Next Weeks Letter is going to be N, it will be a little more challenging as we are on holiday for the week but have lots of ideas ready to take with us.

Home Schooling

 Aidan will be almost 5 by the time he is able to go to school and the more and more I thought about it the more it seemed that this was potentially a lot of time wasted when he would be ready for learning, and boy is he ready to start learning! He already knows and recognises his numbers up to 20 so I am now keen to start learning the Alphabet with him and then start basic reading. 

Any kind of homeschooling is still quite unusual here in the UK so initially I really struggled finding good websites with ideas and materials I could use for him that were age suitable. A couple of my American friends were able to recommend some useful sites and after flicking through my new addiction "Pinterest" I have found tonnes and tonnes of fab ideas that will help me to making learning really fun :-)

I am going to start to share some of them here on my blog for 2 reasons 1) it might help someone else and 2) it will help me keep all the ideas together for when number 2 arrives!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

Friday I put up my Bunting and Union Jacks, went to the shops and got meat, salad, strawberry's, drinks and lots of other yummy things all in preparation for our Jubilee Party BBQ on Sunday. 

Sunday arrived and I opened the curtains to discover a scene that would have made Noah run to his tool shed and start building! It was torrential rain and it quickly became established that our outdoor BBQ would have to be an indoor cook in the oven instead. 

 Still it all went well and as we were inside it meant we could watch the Queens Flotilla of Boats down the Thames. Kate as always looked lovely, I am very pleased she has joined the Royal Family as she seems to liven the rest of them up a bit. I did feel the Queen looked quite grumpy at times but then I suppose I would too if I was stood up on a cold, rainy boat for hours!

I did like this picture I found of her and Phillip though, quite sweet really.

I hope your weekend plans have gone as planned and if they didn't that you coped as well as we did!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Police Storytime

Our local Police Force have started emailing me with information about the Community, normally its things like an attempted break in at such and such street but this week mentioned a Police Story time at the Main Library in Town. Aidan LOVES Policemen so we decided to pop down and see what it was about, walking down we didn't tell him where we were going or who might be in the Library. Obviously as we approach the library he twigs this is where we are going so we go along with it telling him we are just choosing some books and going home again then his face lit up when he saw a Policeman standing there!

PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Craig was great and sat on the floor with all the Children, he let them choose what books he would read, about 5 in total, and Aidan sat as close as possible any closer and he would have been on his lap! He was even more delighted when the Police hat was put on his head and I swear I have never seen him sit so still. When he wanted to speak he was saying "Excuse me Mr Policeman" :-)

We were in the Library for over an hour and I know Aidan enjoyed every minute of it, I think its fantastic that the Police take the time to do these sorts of things as it really boosts the profile they have with both Kids and Parents.