Sunday, 7 August 2011

No good Sulking!!

So I have had a stern talking to with myself and decided I was being very stupid to throw the towel in on my SAHM dream. It will be extremely tough, even tougher now Aidans free Nursery hours don't start until April, but it is still possible.

I've thrown myself back into a wonderful website called Moneysavingexpert, I know a lot of you know about it as I've 'met' you there! I first discovered it when I was about to go onto Maternity leave, the site itself is a wealth of useful info but its on the forums where you really learn alot. There is also an amazing amount of support and friendship there also. I've spent the last few evenings reading the Old Style moneysaving threads and have picked up several tips and I've now begun to read the preparing for Winter thread.

All in all I feel happy and positive again, I've got my Mojo back!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011


Feeling a bit grumpy today as I thought Aidan would qualify for his free Nursery hours in January but actually he will have to wait until Easter. This means we will have to continue to find £300 a month for 4 months longer than I thought. It has put all of my plans into chaos so feeling quite miserable at the moment and foolish that I made such an oversight.

Not giving up on the dream yet though, December is a while away yet so still time to earn more and pay more off. I have begun to stockpile dry goods, Toiletries and also cleaning materials. My plan is to to pop an extra item into my trolley each week so by December I should have a nice stash.

Any other tips you can think of?

TTFN x x