Friday, 17 December 2010


So thanks to Dannie I realised I have actually got a whole year longer than I thought of my 101 in a 1001. Yes, yes I know a pretty major miscalculation but its been a tough year!! So I got thinking about an Edinburgh trip and I am looking into possibly going for my 30th Birthday next April. I have never been to Scotland so it would be really nice. I originally looked into taking Pip but I was disgusted to find they charge almost the same as an adult even though he will only just be 2! He also would need photo ID so I would need to get him a passport., I think I may be smiling nicely at Nanny to see if she will have him for a couple of days!

Monday, 6 December 2010


Right first of all, I am very sorry for having been so lame at updating.

I got a bit disheartened as it seemed I had been so very unrealistic in what I could achieve.

I have been plodding through my list and have managed to tick off a few without really realising it. My reading of the 100 greatest books has proved to be too much of a challenge and I am pitifully behind with them.

I realise as well I hadnt factored in my finances (or lack of them!) when making my list. A few will just not be possible due to such limited funds, such as visiting Edinburgh, getting a fourth tattoo, buying another Tiffany piece and completing a Diploma course. At the end of the day I would rather only work part time and spend more time with my son than have more money for my my 101 things.

My end date is 11th Feb 2011 so I will aim for a final push. I definately plan on making another list, if nothing else it has made me consider my hopes, dreams and ambitions.

I am thinking... of lots, my head is a jumble

I am thankful for...
having had 29 years with my lovely Grandad who passed away on 26th November

From the kitchen...
home made Chilli Con Carne

I am wearing...Pyjamas & my dressing gown

I am creating...
A patchwork owl for my Mum

I am going...
To bed in a minute

I am reading...
"Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone" by J K Rowling

I am hoping...
For a special Christmas

I am hearing...My partner watching TV

Around the house... I have a new red rug that makes my home feel cosy

One of my favorite things...
Is my new rug!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
My Grandads Funeral is tomorrow, followed by a church service on Wednesday. Friday is my work Christmas party.

Here is picture for th
ought I am sharing...My special Grandad, taken last Christmas.