Monday, 7 March 2011

Be a SWOT!

Are you facing a difficult decision?
Not sure what to do for the best?
Simple Pros and Cons list not really helping?

Can I suggest a SWOT Grid.

A SWOT Grid helps break down your thoughts and put them onto paper. Draw a line down the middle of your page lengthwise. Then draw another line across the centre of the page widthwise.
In 1 quarter write Strengths, in another write Weaknesses, in the next write Opportunity and in the last write Threat.

It should look a little like this:Now considering each topic in turn write your thoughts. It will hopefully help you to see things more clearly.

I am currently having to decide if to take Redundancy and be a stay at home Mummy or redeploy to another site over an hours drive away, missing valuable time with my 2 year old. With him being so young it is a very tough choice with no easy route. I have done a SWOT Grid for both scenarios and I am not saying it has made me see the wood for the trees BUT it has helped to put things into perspective and make me see where small issues were being blown out of preportion in my head.

Good Luck with your decision making x x

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