Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Do Something!

My good friends Husband had a massive heart attack last week, his heart stopped for 2 whole minutes. He was in intensive care and was not expected to live, but I am so very pleased to say he is improving day by day :-) My friend is having to work, travel over half hour to the hospital to spend time with him and by the time she gets home it is late at night. She told me she is not really eating as she is too tired by the time she gets home.

I had been catching up in Blog world and read this inspirational post on "A little bit funky" about the importance of doing something for others.


With the post and my friend in mind we have just cooked her a simple meal that she can reheat tomorrow once she is home.

I feel so happy that we have helped my friend and also that we have "done something"

x x x


  1. Sorry to hear about your poor friend's husband, sounds like a real wake up call. It's great that she has friends like you around her to support her at a time when its needed most. As they say, its times like this when you see who your real friends are and your proving you are one.

    Hope he continues to get stronger.xx

  2. I'm sorry too to hear about your friend's husband. My father in law suffered the same thing about 4 weeks ago, he was also in intensive care and we were expecting the worse but he is fine now, just has to watch his diet and start doing a bit of exercising. You are very thoughtful to do the cooking for her, I bet she really appreciated it xx

  3. Thanks ladies.My friend was overjoyrd with the meal, made her day. I am also very pleased to say her hubby is now doing well and should be home to enjoy Christmas :-)


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