Saturday, 17 March 2012

I can think of better places to spend a Saturday!!!

So my Saturday didnt exactly go to plan!

I have been having tooth ache for the week, finally got to the point that I could ignore it no longer and luckily I managed to get an Emergency appointment for this afternoon. I HATE Dentists, I had a lot of orthodontic work when I was younger and it has left me quite traumatised, but I was brave and went to the appointment on my own expecting a filling.

Only it didnt quite go like that!

When she looked she decided that the tooth was quite infected and really it was best if it was extracted, but this wasn't any normal tooth, oh no no! In true horrific dental style it was no less than a Wisdom tooth that needed to come out!

Now what does every girl do when they are scared about a medical procedure? I rang my Mummy who came and held my hand!! 25 minutes later after injections, snapping, pulling, tugging, some more snapping and a bit more tugging my Wisdom tooth was presented to me on a piece of tissue and what a mean looking thing it was too!

Still all over and done with now, Dentist and Dental Nurse were both very kind and friendly and as yet the pain is not too horrendous. Just feeling a little sorry for myself now :-(

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  1. You poor thing:-( How awful, i can imagine how trully yucky and scary that was.

    I hate the dentist too! Hope your feeling ok and not in too much pain.


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