Saturday, 25 August 2012

Letter of the Week D

Well D week turned out to be a super busy week with loads of activities which is just as well as Chris had to go away for an induction for his new job so it was just Aidan and I.

Doggy's were a recurring theme during the week and we began by making our letter D for Dog, it was a bit basic to make so Aidan coloured him in a bit. Aidan took care of his toy pet dog, he took it for walks, brushed it and also fed it.

When I started to look I saw that we had tonnes of books beginning with D, Dazzle Duckling, Dogs colourful day and lots on the topic of Dinosaurs! We read 2 a night, I think reading is really important and now Aidan will sit and listen whereas when he was smaller he couldn't care less!

Full list of books and Authors at the bottom of post.

Aidan really enjoys Jigsaws so I was happy when I found a set of Dinosaur jigsaws in the £1 shop. I am a bit tragic really as I walk around the store continuously looking for things for the Letter of the week project and forget what I went in originally for!

We made Letter Ds out of paper and Easy Painters from the Early Learning Centre. Easy Painters come in little pots that are easy for little ones to grip, the paint can't flow out as there is a sponge at the tip that limits the flow so painting with less mess EXCELLENT!

After he had dotted the shape he decided to join the dots with another colour to really make the D shape.

 Another little project I was pleased to find was some Dragon scratch art, rainbow colours are hidden underneath a black matt covering and when you scratch away at it with a wooden pick the colours are revealed.


I scratched some eyes and the flames and then Aidan did the rest, the kit enabled them to be turned into magnets once they were finished so Nanny now has 2 Dragons on her fridge (whether she wanted them there or not!!)

 D has to stand for Doughnuts of course, heres Aidan enjoying a sticky treat!

 I downloaded a really Fab Dinosaurs printable pack from Over the Big Moon  it had tonnes of things for Aidan to do including which one is different, size recognition, sequencing, puzzles, letter D identification and also pre-writing. By popping them into an ordinary clear wallet and using a dry wipe pen we were able to use them again and again during the week.

Another pre-writing activity we did involved Highlighter pens which I used to write words beginning with D, such as Door and dinner, I then drew a basic picture and Aidan coloured it in and wrote over the top of the highlighter.

I think his Door writing is great :-)

Another £1 shop find was a colour your own dinosaur kit which consisted of 2 wooden dinosaurs with stands and also some felt pens, not bad for a quid! I decided to use paints with Aidan rather than the pens just because we hadn't done any painting for a little while.

 He decided he was making them for Daddy to put on his desk at his new work :-)


 A final little craft we did was Dragon finger puppets which I got from Baker Ross ( I LOVE their website!) they are just little cardboard cutouts that have holes in for your fingers to be legs, Aidan liked them a lot and after we had coloured them we played and acted out little storys.

 For Sensory play I made Aidan a bit of a primeval swamp using his sand tray and Dinosaurs, to begin with I buried all of his Dinos so he had to be a paleontologist and dig them out. Once he had discovered them all I set it up the next day with some plants cut from the garden, again he loved acting out Dinoland, we also smoothed the sand and made dino prints in it and then compared who had the biggest footprint.

A fun D to end the week was Dancing when we went to my Aunties surprise 50th Birthday Party. Aidan loved dancing to the music and as I am now 32 weeks pregnant I was lucky enough that there were plenty of volunteers to dance with him! He did look quite comical dancing in the middle of a circle of about 15 women!

The photos are really blurry but then they are action shots, what should I expect!
We stayed until just gone 10pm when we really thought we should take him home to bed, he had other ideas though as we left the place with him crying out "I just wanna dance!"

Other activities we did:
Fed the ducks
Washed and brushed Nanny and Grandads dog
Played with ducks in the bath

Other activities I planned but didnt get round to:
Visit a Deli or the Dentist
Make and play Drums
Play with Dirt
Make Discovery bottles together

We read:
Dazzle Duckling by Gaby Goldsack
Dogs colourful day by Emma Dodd
How do Dinosaurs say good night by Jane Yolen & Mark teague
Dinosaurs press out and make by Autumn books
Dinosaurs activity book by Priddy books
Harry and his dinosaurs romp in the swamp by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds
Harry and his dinosaurs say raaah! by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds
Harry and his dinosaurs go wild  by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds

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  1. Wow, D was a very busy week! So many D things! Including Dannie:-) I love some of those D things, that scratchy dinosaur thing is great and something different. Aidan's writing of door is really coming on and his letter shapes are looking good.

    Glad Chris has got a new job and at least that takes the pressure off a bit, especially with the other one due very soon:-)xx


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