Saturday, 1 February 2014

Man down!

I was taken out of action completely last week with full blown Flu, I didn't even get  out of bed for 2 solid days.
 "Oh no!" I thought, "the man is going to have to take care of the house!".  But do you know what? He did GREAT thanks to the planner I have mentioned in previous posts. Each day he ticked off his little list, he even managed to dress both children, including our sweet little girl (lets face it, Dads get little girls outfits very wrong sometimes!), with ease as I had decluttered and organised their closets only last weekend as per the plan! 
Normally I would spend a week trying to catch up after being ill but now there's nothing extra to take on!

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  1. Aww fantastic that he handled it so well and glad to see the planner came in handy.

    Hope your fully recovered now and feeling better.xx


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