Monday, 25 May 2009

1st Update - Week One

So thats the end of week one of my 1001 challenge.

I am quite pleased with my progress so far as I have managed to cross off 3 of my tasks.

40 - Hold a snake skin (with gloves!) - This was a BIG task for me as I am really, really scared of snake skin, highly irrational I know! I am so pleased I faced the fear as I dont want to pass on my fears to my son Aidan.

64 - Halve my shoe collection - I was very strict with myself and if I hadnt worn them for a while then I listed them on Ebay or donated them to charity. Now I just have to be good and not buy more!!

65 - Sort through my bedroom chest of drawers - Again I was very strict and ended up with 2 bin bags full of clothes to take to the charity shop.

Ive also managed to start a few more of my tasks:

9 -I have begun reading from the BBC 100 greatest reads lists,

5 - My veggies are growing nicely in my garden,

19 - I have looked into Giving blood again but I am not able to for 4 more months as I have not been long had the Emergency Caesaerean.

51 - I have started leaving little notes in the Library books I have borrowed saying " I hope you are enjoying the book"

49 - I have registered on the Olympic website to receive ticketing news.

67 - I have been watching episodes of the Secret Millionaire for free on 4 on Demand.

91 - I am knitting some squares to do my share, I need to make 24 6X6 squares to sew together for a blanket for a child in Soweto.

98 - We went and had a family portrait taken and I am very pleased wth the results as the photos were lovely.

There are a couple more that I will be working on everyday, things like clear my debt and improve my credit rating. I will only blog about these once I complete them.

Thats was a bit of a boring, matter of fact blog so must try harder next time!!

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  1. Pips mum, sounds like you are making good progress. blogs don't always have to be fun and exciting, but are a great way of recording your progress. I think i tend to waffle too much on my blog!!


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