Friday, 29 May 2009

Week 2

Wow another week has nearly gone by, where does time go?

Realised it was nearly the end of the month and that I really needed to get a shufty on for some of my monthly tasks!! So I baked my dad some Diabetic cookies, had a lovely bath and threw OH out and even conditioned my hair I dont think Ive managed to do that since my son was born 5 months ago!

Tomorrow we are having a no electric night, I love these, we turn the TV and lights off, open a bottle of wine and just talk to eachother whilst playing cards or a board game. It saves us money and I always feel very satisfied after.

I have decided to split

1: Spend a day “visiting” my town with a tourists eyes and go to places I would normally walk past e.g. – museum

into 2 half days so it will be easier with the baby. With this in mind I went to the little museum thats in our local park. I hadnt been in it since I was at lower scool (only a couple of years ago, ha ha!) There was also a nice art exhibition on so I had a good look at everything and then sat outside with Aidan and had an ice cream!

Ive booked to go to see Priscilla the queen of the desert in the west end with some gay friends (yep Im a fag hag!) we booked through and got the tickets half price, £21! Its going to be a lovely fun day out and I will be able to be me again for a while not just a mummy. We are going in June so not long to wait, yippeee!

Still knitting my squares for my orphan blanket 6 down 18 to go!

Sent the first of my 20 presents to friends just because. One of my Moneysavingexpert friends was the recipient and she was pleased with the contents, it was more special as I hadnt told her to expect it so it was a complete surprise.

Hope to check in again for a week 3 update, bye for now x

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