Sunday, 20 September 2009

Back from Hols!

Back from my Holiday in Somerset and I have managed to tick off 3 of my tasks:

93. Eat chips from the wrapper at the beach

94. Eat an ice cream at the seaside

62. Go to a zoo with my family

93 and 94 were very enjoyable and both occured on Weston Super Mare esplanade. Unfortunately the chips came in polysterene tubs rather than papers but tasted nice all the same.

The Zoo we visited was called Noahs Ark and was just outside of Bristol. It had lots of lovely animals and we all enjoyed it. Many of the smaller animals could be fed and we all had fun feeding them with grass pellets available onsite. The creatures thatamused me most though were the chickens, they were very friendly and let you pick them up. I also laughed a lot at the way they ran all over the place when they saw people with feed for them!

I didnt visit Bath, alhough this would have been a perfect time to tick that one off too, as there was limited access for prams so will have to postpone that one for a while. May go back next year and also possibly uncross Wookey hole visit too although my son would still be very small.


  1. Well done on completing three things from your list. It sounds like you had a good time. Chips at the seaside is great!

  2. Well done on getting the ones ticked off that you have done - sorry that Wookey Hole is a no go at the moment but could you tick it off as researched and actually do it on the next 101 list?


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