Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ooooooooooops its been a while

Well I am back after being told off by Danny!!

I have been poorly and then our boiler broke and needed replacing and I got a bit demotivated with everything and I have also returned to work. These are all excuses I know and i am not the first person in this situation so Thankyou Danny for nagging me!!

I have just looked over my list again and I have managed to complete 1 since I was last here.

86 - Feed the ducks at least 3 times - I have enjoyed doing this so i will still continue to feed the duckies but I have now done it 3 times so I can cross it off.

There are a couple to cross off by default:

42 Sell My Flat
- Flat was on the market for 4 months and hasnt sold. I would need to lower the price lower than I could afford to so I have taken it off of the market and friends will be renting it from me.

81 Visit Wookey Hole - We are visiting the area next week for a holiday and I had lanned to do this then. However after researching on their website I have discovered that this is not going to be possible within the 1001 days due to little Pip. You are unable to take prams into the caves and we would be unable to carry him round as A) he is too heavy and B) you have to duck to just over 1meter in places so not possible with a 9 month old in your arms. So I will cross it off for the moment but will probably add it to my next 101 list!

74 and 75 also need to be crossed off without actually being achieved.
Organise and attend a school reunion.
I began to look into arranging a reunion and sent tentative enquiries to as many ex school friends as I could get hold of. Many of them no longer live within the viscinity of the town, many had just had or are expecting babies, some just plain didnt want to see anyone from their past!! Add into the mix that it was going to be expensive to hire a hall (an expense I could not carry) or that friends could not afford meals or drinks I decided to just scrap the idea.
Giving in, yes I suppose thats true but not much point spending alot of time organising something that very few would attend.

90) Return to work part time and remain so due to effective budgetting is under way and going ok so far.

With my reading and musicals list I had hoped to reread/rewatch all the ones I had aleady read/see. I realise now that this is just not practical so I have marked the ones I have already viewed.

Well thats me caught up again. On holiday next week so i hope to complete a couple of the seaside related tasks.

See you all again soon x x

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