Thursday, 10 December 2009

25 Done - Loads more in the pipeline!

Hello All

Well yesterday we visited a German Market so I can cross off 69. It was very pretty with lots to look at but very expensive. They had some lovely glass gifts and wooden toys for my son but were all far too dear so I just had to look not buy. I did buy a delicious filled pretzel and a Glugwein!

I realise now, looking back at my list, that I may have been a bit over ambitious with some of them given our financial situation but we will see how it pans out. If I dont manage them I can just add them on to my next 101 list cant I!

I am going to make my cake of the month today, a Christmas Cake!! The fruit has been soaking in brandy for 2 days so should be nice and tasty. I am also going to make some cinamon rolls using this recipe they look delicious, nom nom nom!!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the christmas market. Your right though, they are fairly expensive!


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