Saturday, 6 June 2009

Week 3 Update

Saturday 6th June 2009

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm so what have I been up to this week.......let me see?

Well I have completed 2 more of my tasks.

58. Take the time to write a letter of thanks when I have received good service
My mum bought a car seat for my baby for in her car and my partner and Dad couldnt fit it, so Mum and I trundle back to Mothercare and were served by a lovely young man called Oli. He elped us to fit the seat, showed us how to do it for ourselves, did many safety checks to ensure it was in correctly and was generally very pleasant to us. I wrote a little Thankyou card for him addressed to the manager of the store, we are all to quick to complain but few people take the trouble to write to praise.

33. Buy myself some stripey socks in honour of my friend Fay
As many of you who are on MSE know there is a lovely lady called Fay on there. Now our Fay has a liking for all things stripey and was actually kind enough to post me some fabulous stripey socks. I felt this was cheating though to cross this off my list as it clearly said "buy myself" so I am also now the proud owner of a pair of very long, over knee, pretty stripey socks!

Soooooooooooo what else have I been doing?
  • Continuing with my blanket squares
  • Looking into possible Diploma courses, think I have decide upon one but now need to try to and find the money to pay for it. I really wanted to do American studies but I cannot find a similar course anywhere.
  • Ive now read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I quite enjoyed it, not a book I would usually have picked up so glad it was on the list. Moving on to 1984 by George Orwell now.
  • I have written to all my elderly Aunties
  • I batch cooked some Lasagnes, some for me but 1 for Mum and Dad as a Wedding Anniversary present. This will be their Takeaway treat as per 85.
  • Posted 2 parcels, just because. One to Fay and one to Marie, another MSEer!
  • I tackled my first spider armed with a jam jar and a piece of paper! He was unceremoniously flung out the window but remained unsquished!!
  • I am enjoying doing number 57 and finding it quite easy to talk to 1 stranger a week. I think it helps having the baby as he is often a conversation starter!
  • Ive watched a film I wouldnt normally have watched. My Grandfather and I watched "The Caine Mutiny" starring Humphrey Bogart. To be honest I do not usually rate old films as they seem to go on forever with very little content. I di however quite enjoy this one, never going to be my favourite but was definately watchable.
  • Finally and quite a biggie I have instructed the Estate Agents to sell my flat, the HIP is ordered and it should go on the market next week. I am hoping for a quick sale as rather depressingly I am not going to make as much money on it as I had hoped but on the plus side my monthly outgoings will reduce massively enabling me to return to work Part time rather than Full Time.
Well I have been busier than I thought!!
Tune in next week for another amazing installment ..................................................................................................................................................................


  1. Well done on completing two more things from your list pips mum and on tackling so many of the others too. Hope the flat sells soon for you as am sure it would be a great help for you only working part time.

  2. I love the idea of the over knee stripy socks :-), I'm sorry that the flat won't do as well as you hoped but as you say it will allow you more time for yourself and that must be a good thing!

    I like the idea of sending a letter of thanks - as you say too many people are quick to complain but will not acknowledge the other side - so well done you!

  3. Hi Pips Mum

    I've just caught up with reading your blog and your list. Well done on getting some of it completed. It can be pretty hard to get anything done once the kids arrive, but i have found it easier with the list.

    I also liked your letter of thanks. I wrote one to the managers of my son's nursery saying how pleased i was that they had helped DS2 settle in so well when i returned to work. Apparently it was read out in their staff meeting and they were ever so pleased, so i bet you put a smile on the assistants face.

    I look forward to your next update

    Michelle x


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