Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hi everyone,

Sorry not been on much as Ive been having the time from hell.

Car failed MOT, other car has 2 slow leaks and needs 2 new tyres, I chipped bathroom sink with a perfume bottle, solicitors insisting I pay £75 for a boiler service before they will complete on flat, ran out of gas credit so cold showers and no heat until Chris gets paid Tues, he found out he didnt get a job he wanted, toilet cistern broke and was overflowing inside and outside house...............and thats all in the last 72 hours!!!

If anyone needs me I will be drowing myself in a bucket of wine!

I hope your weekend has been better x x


  1. Oh Vicky, you poor thing! Sending big hugs and thoughts your way, so sorry things have been so rubbish. Having been through tough times myself recently i know how much it can get you down. Really hope you'll be on the up soon and that things go up rather than down!xx xx

  2. Vicky, HUGS!! Sorry that you guys are having such a rough time of it. We're pretty much in the thick of it as well. When it rains it pours sometimes :(

    Will be wishing good thoughts your way across the big pond. ♥ you!


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