Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh Next, why do you taunt me so!

There was a knock on the door yesterday and I opened it to discover a rather windswept courier delivering my new Next Directory Catelogue. It comes in 2 parts, clothes and then my favourite the Home Directory.

I love receiving the new home book, its hard bound with glossy thick pages that just ask to be turned. There are always such lovely items in there that I have to sit on my hands to prevent me ordering instantly! I can begin to picture where items might fit in my home and of course I am always very jealous of such wonderful, pretty and most of all tidy houses. I know of course my home would never look like this, Toys are the dominating feature in my Living Room, mucky fingerprints are a constant battle and there is something spilt on the laminate flooring daily but a girl can dream!

Here are the gorgeous items I am currently dreaming of:

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