Saturday, 13 June 2009

1 month in and going strong!

One Month in and Going strong!
Saturday 13th June 2009

Hello Campers
Well this week I have only managed to complete one of my tasks, but I am still plodding along nicely with the in progress ones. I am continuing with my reading and managed to get a few books from the list on Bookmooch. I also am waiting for a book on the American Presidents to be posted to me and then I will be able to start number 30.

To make up for my appaling lack of completes I thought I would "try" and add some photos, if you are looking at a blank page right now you will know I have failed!!

This is one of the photos from our family portraits taken this year. I am really pleased with them, especially this black and white one.

Here is a few of the crafty projects I am working on. You can see 2 of the 6 reusable bags for life that I am going tomake/sew as presents. Really pleased how these have turned out and looking forward to doing the next 4. You can also see the 2 little premature baby hats I have made and a few of the squares for my blanket, these are my knit a square to do your share tasks.

The task I managed to complete was :

25. Dye my hair a different colour
- I am now no longer blonde but a reddy mahogonay colour. I have never dyed my hair before so it has took some getting used to but I am quite pleased with it.

Hopefully I will manage a few more tasks next week.
Bye for now and Templewytch keep a look out in you letter box! x x


  1. Even though you don't have many ticked off, its clear to see that you have lots in progress, just keep chipping away at them and most of all enjoy it! New hair colour looks great and i really like the family photo, some great expressions on there!

  2. The photos came through just fine and they all look wonderful (hmm memo to self - henna my hair again next weekend!), how many knitted squares will you need for the blanket?

  3. Thanks Ladies x

    I need 24 6x6 squares to make the blanket and I have knitted 15 so far, hoping to have finished it by the end of the week.

    You are right Dannie I have lots in progress, story of my life lots of things on the go at once!

  4. I tend to keep lots of mine on the go, its a good idea though as before you know it you will have more ticked off.


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