Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday 27th June 2009

Well a few more have been ticked off this week and lots more has happened on the ones in progress.

Below you can see my finished blanket for Soweto, I am quite pleased with it and it looks pretty. I am sure the child who gets it will be glad of it. I am going to knit some more squares and make more blankets and also some premature baby hats (now I have discovered how easy they are to make!) but I am happy now to tick off number 91 - Knit some squares to do my share.

Yesterday myself and some friends went to see Priscilla queen of the desert in the West End. The show was fab and we all had a great time. The costumes were fantastic and the songs were catchy. Unfortunately whilst we were enjoying the show the skys had opened and we then spent 6 hours trying to get across London to our car as all the tube stations were flooded. We didnt really mind and it was a bit of an adventure! So thats Number 54 - Go and see Priscilla Queen of the desert in the West End done!

I am also happy to tick off number 29 - Spend a day/ 2 half days visiting my town with a tourists eyes. I did start this one earlier by visiting the museum in my local park. On Wednesday last week my son and I went to the park again had a lovley long walk, a picnic and fed the ducks, I felt as if I were on my holidays so I feel I can tick this one off. On Friday my partner took a half day from work and we visited a lovely canal near by, again we fed the ducks, had an ice cream, enjoyed a stroll followed by a cool glass of wine. It was lovely.

By the Canal

Feeding the ducks by the canal

My little boy in the park after feeding more ducks. I should point out he isnt as near to the water as he looks!

All this duck feeding also counts towards number 86 - Feed the ducks at least 3 times

I`ve finished reading "The Magic Faraway Tree" by Enid Blyton. It was nice to read of a simpler time when children said things like "oh golly" and "we must stay in and help Mother" !!!
I have also begun watching the top 25 musicals and started with "Meet me in Saint Louis" starring Judy Garland, it was a harmless film not my favourite but not the worst I have ever watched either.

Well, that was a long post! I will probably not tick any off for a few weeks now but will continue with the 35 in progress ones.


  1. Eep on the tube stations being flooded out! I don't think I have ever heard of that happening! But other than that it sounds as though you had a great time at the theatre.

    Well done on getting other things ticked off as well - brilliant news there (and isn't feeding ducks fun LOL)

  2. Seems as if you have made loads of progress and have got some nice ones ticked off. glad you enjoyed the musical, i haven't seen that one but it does sound good. Good luck with the 35 you have in progress. Also what a sweet idea making prem baby hats, my sister's babies were born premature and i think its a lovely thing to do.


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