Saturday, 20 June 2009

Week 5

Saturday 20th June 2009
So here we are at week 5 and I have been a very busy little bee and have completed another 3 tasks this week, it was very nearly 4!

So the 3 I have completed:

72 - Try Sushi - Have to say I wont be running back for more! It was OK, not hideous but not my favourite either. I bought a little pack that M&S do for £3. It had a couple of sorts in tuna, cucumber, redpepper and another fishy one.

53 - Get a water butt and attatch it the gutter - I am now able to water my plants for free, hooray. It was quite easy to fit and we got a cute litttle space saving one. I have wanted to get one for ages but never got round to it.

43 -Send random friendship cards to each of the 6 houses in the UK with the same address as me. In truth it was actually only 5 as when I had counted them I forgot to not include my own house, doh!! The little cards read " Hello, We live at............. in Northampton and we just wanted to say Hi! Hope this has made you smile." and then signed our names.

The 4th that I nearly completed was my knit some squares task, I have knitted all 24 squares but still have a few to sew together to form the blanket. I didnt want to cross it off until I ad actually finished.

Ive also managed quite a bit of reading and finished Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell, thoroughly enjoyed it but would never have picked it up normally.
Ive also read a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, I love this story so needed no promting to read it, may well read it again nearer Christmas.
I have also managed to start to read The Magic Faraway tree by Enid Blyton, so a big blast back to my childhood.

Began to gather together some of the Musicals to watch and watched another film that I wouldnt have usually watched, Valkyrie.
Well I am off now to do some more stitching together, its a necessary evil but very boring! Hopefully I will finish it off by next week and can cross it off,I should also be able to complete a couple of others and continue with the ones in progress so watch this space!!


  1. The Magic Faraway tree - wow what a blast from my childhood too. I have very fond memories of my Dad reading me one chapter a night - I loved Enid Blyton books.

  2. I absolutely love the magic faraway tree and used to play that school all the time as we had a tree at the bottom! Well done on completing three tasks from your list, sounds like you are doing well.

  3. Another one who loved that book. Enid Blyton was one of my favourites as a kid. I think i still have them at my mum's.

  4. Sushi really needs to be eaten fresh! The packs in M&S, Sainsburys etc are okay but fresh is better (Dr Tempe is going to make some for us this week - yum!)

    We also want a water butt however it would mean major changes to the way the guttering runs as currently it ends in the very narrow drive!

    Enid Blyton - yep a blast from the past indeed - Famous Five and Secret Seven, I remember them well (hmm Magic Faraway Tree could be a good book to get for our soon to be 6 niece for her birthday!)


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