Sunday, 29 May 2011

An Embarassing funny little story for you!

Oh dear, I have a funny little story for you all today.

We have begun attempting to potty train Aidan and today he decided he wanted to wear some "big boy pants", a pull up to you or I. We went out and were sitting in a restaurant when he told me he would like to do a wee wee, so off we go to the Ladies. I realise his Pull ups are dry still so sit him on the loo and show over the top enthusiasm when he begins to do a wee. Now being a Female of the species I have no experience of controlling mens bits! I realised, far to late, that the wee had been going underneath the toilet seat and had infact gone all over his trousers, socks, boots and the floor!!!!! I am glad though that he appears to be getting the idea, even if I still have no clue!

I hope you have had a chuckle and for those of you with young Sons or Grandsons I hope you remember this valuable lesson should the situation arise in the future ;-)!


  1. Great story! I remember when i first started working in the play group and was potty training some of the children. It turns out, its important to tuck 'it' in, so that the wee goes the right way down and not over everything else or goes shooting at you! Also making sure they are sat far back enough, otherwise it doesn't go where you want it to!

    Excellent though that he is starting to get the idea and recognising when he needs to go to the toilet.

  2. What a clever boy Aidan is! I knew he'd get the hang of it quickly! Nothing wrong with a bit of encouragement.

    I bet you were relieved the wee didn't shoot out in your direction.


    Sft x


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