Saturday, 28 May 2011

Well ..............................

I should be telling you all how blissfully happy I am with my new oven.
I should be showing you photos of the Beetroot Cupcakes I baked in my new oven.
I should be telling you how lovely and shiny my new oven is.
I should be telling you how pleased I am to have a proper oven after 18 months of only having a mini counter top one.

I shouldn't be having to get an Electrician to fit it as they have changed the law, this was not in my plan! Apparently they recently changed the law and all Electric ovens now need to be fitted by a qualified Electrician, the connectors have changed and are not available to buy in DIY stores.

So I will tell you how nice the Pizza I just ordered was instead!!!


  1. Love the post! Pain the arse about needing to get an electrician to fit the oven, yet another way of having to spend money!

  2. Oww what a shame,glad I read this we were thinking of getting a new oven does this apply to fan assisted ovens too? Glad you had a nice pizza instead though!xxxx

  3. Its all fixed! A guy I work with is a qualified electrician and he just popped by and did it for me for £20 so cant complain.

    I would guess it is fan ovens too, seems its any electric ovens now. As Dannie says, just another way to get money from us!


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