Friday, 20 May 2011

Meet my new Friends!

I have no idea who they belong to or what their names are, but I fell in love!

Whilst on Holiday we were recommended to visit Daymer Bay, a beautiful, unspoilt beach, not well known and not a tourist trap. We went for a lovely walk along the sands, looking in rock pools and seeing what sea creatures we could find. Whilst walking along I got the distinct feeling we were being followed. I turned round to see this pair of sheepdogs staring at us, exactly as they are in the first picture, it was so comical. I realised that every time I moved my arm they twitched, at first I thought because they were scared, I soon discovered it was because they wanted to play! By chance we had taken a tennis ball with us to play with so Chris threw it along the beach and sure enough they bolted after it and dutifully bought it back. A happy hour passed, no owner called them and they didnt wander away, I can honestly say it was the highlight of my holiday. We can only conclude that they belonged to the owners of the car park and spend their days on the beach playing with anyone and everyone before returning home for some food and a looooooooooooooooooong sleep!

If you are anywhere near, pop by and say Hello for me, I am sure they wouldnt object to a throw or two either!


  1. I totally love those sheepdogs PF Vicky...what a special experience for all of the family.
    Where did you go on holiday?

    Sft x

  2. They were so cute SFT. We went to a place near Padstow in Cornwall and it was lovely.

  3. More info please PFV!

    Love Cornwall.

    Sft x

  4. We stayed here:

    In a Lodge, got it as a Sun Holiday but upgraded to get the lodge and it was well worth it. If you click on where it says Daymer Bay in the original post it 'should' bring up a link to the beach and area x x


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