Sunday, 1 May 2011

Spring Weather

Do you know what makes me happiest in this sunny weather?

Of course I love relaxing with friends in the garden, having BBQs, gentle strolls and lovely family time BUT my most favourite thing is washing! I love how I can put the linen in the wash in the morning, hang it out and by tea time its dry and ready to go back onto the bed. I love climbing into a newly made bed, especially when the linen has been dried outside, it feels so crisp and fresh.
If I could get away with it would wash the bed linen everyday!

So there you go, my dirty (or should that be clean??) little Spring vice!

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  1. PFVicky-I agree, love ironing the bedding and climbing into bed when its nice and fresh.

    I now have an embroided traycloth over the chest of drawers. Whoever embroided it was soooo clever. My jug and bowl sit on it with my favourite afternoon tea picture.

    Sft x


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