Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

Friday I put up my Bunting and Union Jacks, went to the shops and got meat, salad, strawberry's, drinks and lots of other yummy things all in preparation for our Jubilee Party BBQ on Sunday. 

Sunday arrived and I opened the curtains to discover a scene that would have made Noah run to his tool shed and start building! It was torrential rain and it quickly became established that our outdoor BBQ would have to be an indoor cook in the oven instead. 

 Still it all went well and as we were inside it meant we could watch the Queens Flotilla of Boats down the Thames. Kate as always looked lovely, I am very pleased she has joined the Royal Family as she seems to liven the rest of them up a bit. I did feel the Queen looked quite grumpy at times but then I suppose I would too if I was stood up on a cold, rainy boat for hours!

I did like this picture I found of her and Phillip though, quite sweet really.

I hope your weekend plans have gone as planned and if they didn't that you coped as well as we did!

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  1. what a lovely spread you had - looks like heaps of fun. I thought Kate looks beautiful in her red dress. I also liked a pink one that she wore the other day with the pretties hat.

    The photo of the Queen and Prince Phillip is beautiful - I'm sure they still love each other very much.


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