Saturday, 2 June 2012

Police Storytime

Our local Police Force have started emailing me with information about the Community, normally its things like an attempted break in at such and such street but this week mentioned a Police Story time at the Main Library in Town. Aidan LOVES Policemen so we decided to pop down and see what it was about, walking down we didn't tell him where we were going or who might be in the Library. Obviously as we approach the library he twigs this is where we are going so we go along with it telling him we are just choosing some books and going home again then his face lit up when he saw a Policeman standing there!

PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Craig was great and sat on the floor with all the Children, he let them choose what books he would read, about 5 in total, and Aidan sat as close as possible any closer and he would have been on his lap! He was even more delighted when the Police hat was put on his head and I swear I have never seen him sit so still. When he wanted to speak he was saying "Excuse me Mr Policeman" :-)

We were in the Library for over an hour and I know Aidan enjoyed every minute of it, I think its fantastic that the Police take the time to do these sorts of things as it really boosts the profile they have with both Kids and Parents.

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  1. Aww, that sounds so lovely, how sweet. That's a really nice community thing for the police to do.xx


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