Sunday, 24 June 2012

Letter of the Week - F

This week we have been looking at the Letter F


On Monday we made a Feather F to display on the wall and refer back to, we also spent some time on the laptop playing "Elmos Fire Safety Game" here at Sesame Streets website. They have tonnes of really cute games on there with lots of educational themes,

Tuesday was spent making a picture of things beginning with F, including some Fur donated by my Mums doggy! We did some writing practice and he managed to write something more than resembling an F.

Next project we did was on Wednesday when we made a Paper Plate Frog mask, we used an ordinary paper plate and covered it in Green paint and added a little glitter for good measure! Once dry we stuck on some eyes, drew a nose and mouth and Nanny knitted a long tongue.

 A really simple craft for Thursday was to take lids from tissue boxes and turn them into fish. A little bit of drawing from me and some colouring from Aidan and we had our own school of Rainbow fish.

Fireman Sam is a huge hit in our house at the moment and fits nicely with the F theme, we sat together and did some Fireman Sam sticker activities and also watched a couple of episodes.

 Friday we got some use out of the Early Learning Centre Farm set, I also had a wipe clean Farm book with differnet counting and writing activitys.

Friday was also spent at the Fruit shop where I let Aidan choose 5 fruits, he went for Grapes, Strawberrys, a Pear, cherries and a red apple once we got home we washed and chopped up the fruit and tasted them all, after we made a cute Fruit picture using stickers.


Saturday was full of Fireworks! Using some black card and some glitter glue pens we managed to make our own Firework display, ideally I guess I should have done F later in the year when I could have took Aidan to an actual Firework display but these were the next best thing.

Flapjacks were also baked today, I didnt take a photo of them as they fell apart but as often is the case with these things they tasted delicious!

 Sunday we had a release party! We were lucky enough that my Uncle and Auntie have a pond in their garden and a few months ago they noticed frog spawn, frog spawn turns to Tadpoles and Tadpoles turn into FROGS! They had to keep some of the tadpoles and frog spawn in a seperate bucket as the fish were eating them all so now they are bigger we let them all loose.


Aidan is braver than me!
Aidan also had a kickabout with a Football with my Uncle, being 24 weeks pregnant I skipped this one! In the evening we watched England in the Euro 2012 Football competition.

Whilst out and about each day we looked for Letter Fs and Flowers all around, also Flags which at the moment with the Football and Jubilee just passed was fairly easy!

  As well as all these Activities we also read:
"Barry The fish with Fingers" Sue Hendra
"Fireman Sam and the great fre of Pontypandy"

And we watched:
Finding Nemo
Tinkerbell and the great Fairy rescue
Fox and Hounds

Other Activities I had planned but did not get round to:
Go for a walk in the Forest 
Visit an Aquarium or Fish in a Pet shop
Visit a Farm, we went to one on Holiday last week so didnt want to repeat
Look at Family photos
Fishing in the bath
Visit a Florists to choose flowers
Make a Fairy
Make a Fire picture
As before most of the ideas were my own but some great ideas can be found here

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