Saturday, 9 June 2012

Letter of the Week - C

This week Aidan and I have been looking at the letter C, why the letter C I hear you cry! Why not start at A? Well I decided against the correct order as it gave me better flexibility with other events already planned, eg I knew the Carnival was scheduled for this week so it fitted with C, Police Open day is being rescheduled for September time so when better to do the letter P.  Aidan can sing the ABC song so he knows the correct order anyway so I didn't feel doing them out of order was a massive issue. When planning the activity's I have tried to include things to taste, things to hear (where possible), things to touch, things to read, things to make, things to watch and things to do and visits.

 On Monday I got a wicker basket and filled it with lots of objects from around the home beginning with C, I covered the basket and Aidan had to pull out an object with his eyes shut and guess what he thought it was by feeling it. Once all the items were out of the basket I asked him what Letter he thought they all began with and we laid them out around a card letter C that he later decorated.

How many things beginning with C can you see at the minute?

At snack time we ate Carrots and some Cherry's


And later at dinner we ate Chicken Kiev's, Crunchies and Corn

Meals are normally a little healthier!

I forgot to take some Photos but on Tuesday we baked Cakes and decorated them as well as playing with Cars and the road mat.

On Wednesday I needed an activity to amuse him whilst we visited my Grandmother, so the night before I cut out pictures of things beginning with C from Newspapers and Magazines that he could look at and stick onto a poster to be displayed at home. We then further decorated the Poster by using Glitter pens to practice writing Cs.

Sticking pictures of words of things beginning with C onto his Poster

Showing off his handy work!

On Thursday at the Surestart Centre I was lucky enough for them to have set out Castles for the Children to play with so Aidan and I played with the Knights.

What a Lucky coincidence!

On Friday we made Caterpillar Cs using pom poms, pipe cleaners and glitter, they actually look really great and I have put them up on the wall in the Living room.

Whilst out and about each day we looked for the Letter C on signs and parked cars.
Each day Aidan coloured in a picture of 

 As well as all these Activities we also read:

"The Hungry Caterpillar" By Eric Carl
"Dave" By Sue Hendra (About a big fat Cat named Dave!)
"Spots Camping Trip" By Eric Hill
"Casper the Caterpillar" By Katie Hewat (A wiggly eyes book which you pop fingers into!)

And we watched:
Alvin and the Chipmunks

Other Activities I had planned but did not get round to:

Making a Paper plate Cat
Making a rock crab
Visit the Carnival, it got cancelled due to bad weather :-(
Drawing with Chalks in the garden, again rain stopped play
Make a crown, we had done this the week before for the Jubilee so no point repeating
Visit a Car wash
Buy and look after a Cactus
Indoor Camping Trip (tent up in Living room!)

It really has worked as Aidan is much more confident with the letter C now and shouts when he sees one, he was thrilled (so was I!) when he spotted one on Countdown on TV!

A lot of the Ideas are my own and some I found on a Great website here:

Next Weeks Letter is going to be N, it will be a little more challenging as we are on holiday for the week but have lots of ideas ready to take with us.

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  1. Excellent ideas, you really are clever coming up with these ideas and it sounds like being a stay at home mum suits you. Hope your all well.xx


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