Saturday, 21 July 2012

A, B, Cs useful resources

Whilst I am focussing each week on one specific letter with Aidan I am also concious that we look at the Alphabet as a whole too. In this post I thought I would list some of the useful resources I have found, so I can find them easily and also to enable anyone else doing similar to make use of them too. I will update regularly as I find new sites and to make life easier I will divide them into Games, Printables and Ideas.

As I have said before money is always tight in our household so all the resources are FREE, some require you to sign up to the website to enable the download but I have not received any increase in spam emails since joining them. All you are going to need is a computer/ laptop (which presumably you have anyway if you are reading this!) and also a printer.

Here we go then:



TONNES of prinatble packs with lots of themes -


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  1. Great list of resources PF and its great that your doing so much with Aidan:-)


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