Sunday, 15 July 2012

No income but lifes still good!

Well I haven't posted for a while but we have still been all go!

Unfortunately Chris has been made redundant from his role so we are currently both not working, he has been for lots of interviews and applying for about 8-10 jobs a day so hopefully it wont be long before something comes up. 

Chris not working means money is quite tight here, I am managing to get our weekly shop for about £30 - £40 a week yet still managing to eat well and nutritiously.  Hunting out bargains has become a bit of a hobby!

I am continuing with my Christmas shopping, as the money has already been earned and set aside specifically for the purpose, meaning I am able to get some great savings for example I purchased several items in a Summer Sale including folding shopper bags reduced to £1 and also handbag size umbrellas reduced £12.95 to £1.29! All of Aidan's nursery key workers and also staff at the Surestart centre we attend will be getting lovely (and expensive looking!!) gifts that cost me £2.29!

Also doing well on the few items we needed to purchase for the New Baby, the majority of things are being reused from when Aidan was small but a few bits like the bottle steriliser and cot were well past their useful working life.

Well that's a little update on life, I am going to do a couple of  posts now on our Letters of the Week.

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  1. Crikey PF that's some great money saving especially when things are probably a little tough/stressful at the moment with Chris being made redundant. I hope something comes up for him real soon. Sounds like all the educational stuff you are doing at home with Aidan is hitting the spot and i bet he's learning a lot.

    Well done on all the great bargains and for being so organise:-)xx


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