Sunday, 15 July 2012

Letter of the Week - T

The last week of June we looked at the Letter T

As always our first activity was to make an actual Letter of the week, I chose to do a Tree T with Aidan. Using thick green paper I cut out individual leaves (dedicated or what!) and also a few little red apples made on sticky paper.

A few weeks ago I was looking on a fab craft website called Baker Ross they have some really great craft items including Curriculum topics and the prices are just wonderful, I purchased some Animal visor kits, just £2.99 for 5 different animals. Luckily enough one of the animals was a Tiger so with a little bit of direction Aidan managed to create this little fellow! We then pretended to be tigers by crawling round and of course roaring!

Things beginning with T picture

I had to have a couple of appointments and when I leave Aidan with someone I like to leave him a little activity to keep him amused that relates to our letter. Whilst he was with Nanny they created a "things beginning with T" picture, sticking and discussing the objects easily passes a good deal of time. 

Another little project for whilst in Nanny's house was to create Ties for Daddy to wear for interviews! I just used some thick paper and cut out a tie shape before adding some loose elastic, Aidan then decorated them any way he wanted.
Future Fashion designer maybe?

I used the same idea again a few days later using T-Shirts cut outs.

Aidan had fun playing with the pop up Tent, set up inside due to the absolutely awful Summer we are having! He had snacks in there, played with his stuffed animals and read books.

Trains are a BIG hit in our house at the moment, so I used the opportunity to combine the 2 as much as possible by playing with Train sets and also watching / reading Thomas the Tank engine.

Luckily we had planned to visit a local forest with Friends for a day out, forests = lots of Trees!! We looked at the different tree shapes and colours also looking at their different leaves. There was a nice play area amongst the trees and Aidan enjoyed being taller than us on a little walkway.

A final picture we created was of all kinds of Transport, possibly a bit of an advanced concept for a 3 year old but he got to do some sticking so he was happy!

An unexpected T that we got to experience was TRIAGE! Yep we ended up having an unscheduled trip to the A&E department on Saturday night after our little human money box decided to swallow a coin! They X-Rayed him to make sure it wasn't obstructing his breathing and once established all was well we were sent on our way to await nature!

As well as these activities we also:

Spotted Triangles and other things beginning with T whilst out and about
Built Tall Towers from megablocks
Ate tomatoes and also (jam) tarts
Played with Tools

We read:
Countless Thomas the Tank Engine books!
"Goat and Donkey and the great outdoors" By Simon Puttock

We watched:
Again Countless Thomas the Tank Engine episodes!
Toy Story

Activities I had planned but didn't get round to:
Make a Train using different shapes
Make a treasure chest
Make a paper cup Telephone
Make a Texture collage

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