Sunday, 15 July 2012

Letter of the week - J

Letter of the week actually turned into letter of the Fortnight this week as I had been feeling a little under the weather and not managed to organise myself ready for the next letter!

 This is my favourite letter we have made so far, I love the Jungle theme and think its great that Aidan got so creative with the materials he was given. I gave him a cardboard cut out J, some Jungle animal stickers, a few leaves and also grasses drawn onto sticky paper and he created this. Look how he has made the animals peek out from behind the grasses like they are hiding :-)

J was also for Jellyfish, we made this cute looking one from a Paper plate, glue and also some strips of tissue paper. Before we created we watched a video on youtube called Jellyfish rock so Aidan could understand what type of creatures they are, he liked their bright colours and the way they moved.
Now I am not going to lie to you J was not the easiest letter to do so clutching at straws a little we baked some J shaped biscuits, I know, I know! I figured any activity that got him thinking about the letter and way it looked had to be a good thing and the fact he got to eat them made them a popular choice! I've now purchased a full Alphabet set of cookie cutters to be used for biscuits or playdoh.


Whilst waiting for the biscuits to cook we tasted different Juice, my camera was flat so no pictures but I lay out tropical, apple and orange fruit Juice and also some blackcurrant cordial and we sat and sipped and discussed. 


The Summer here so far has been awful with constant rain so many days are being spent inside. On a rare dry moment we walked into Town to visit the Library and luckily they had Jack and Jill and also Jack and the beanstalk. I found that the CBeebies website also had a version of Jack and the beanstalk with visuals and audio so we enjoyed that too. For older children there are lots of free printables based on the story's and I will definitely be using these when Aidan is a bit older.

By far the most popular choice with Aidan was the Jelly Sensory tub I made for him. I filled a tub with foam letters and a few more solid toys and then made up 3 packets of the cheapest jelly mix I could find then popped it into the fridge to set.   


 At first he was a bit wary of it, in fact I am not sure he could believe his luck that I was going to allow him to play with something so messy!

 But he began poking it around ......

and running it through his fingers!

I encouraged him to search for different letters and to also describe the feeling of the jelly, soft, wet, cold etc

 He pulled the tub nearer for a better feel!

 "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh its squishy Mummy!"

Next J was for Jet and again we enjoyed watching some videos on youtube, this one called dancing jet planes being the best. we also watched some of the Red Arrows at the Queens Jubilee from earlier in the year. After the videos he ran round the living room in typical little boy style with arms out pretending to be a Jet!

Other activities we did were:
Coloured in J objects printout
Traced and copied letter Js

We watched:
Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Jungle Book
Jungle Junction

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