Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Birthday

Thanks for my Birthday wishes :-)

I was treated to a lie in and a lovely breakfast and was greeted by this sight when I came downstairs.

After I had opened my Cards and gifts we walked down to a Paint your own Pottery place we have in town and met with my Mum and Cousin. I painted a huge Teacup and Saucer, it won't be a masterpiece but I enjoyed decorating it as we all did. I will post some pictures when I collect our works of art on Saturday. After painting we went and had a nice meal in a nearby pub, it was lovely to spend time with my Cousin Amy and my Mum as well as Chris and Aidan. Once we had finished our meal Amy and I went to this wonderful shop thats opened in town, I say shop but it is a huge old factory and is crammed full of really lovely Vintage and Shabby Chic items. I was in heaven! I am glad I left my purse with Chris and Aidan in the little cafe or else my Visa would have got a bashing! I did buy a lovely vintage, china tea set, it's beautiful and has lovely daffodils on, and I am planning on using it at my Royal Wedding tea party. In the evening Chris cooked me a meal and a yummy Birthday Cake, he baked it all by himself so I am quite impressed.

Today we went to a Farm for the afternoon, there were so many friendly animals for Aidan to meet.

He loved petting them and stroked their fur gently, he bent down to cuddle the baby goats and ran his fingers through the wool of the lambs. The lambs must have liked it as they came back for more and showed off my gambling around on their spindly new legs.


  1. Vicky, sounds like you had the perfect birthday..spoilt with lie in, breakfast and presents. Love to know what you ate at the pub (I always like details).

    I don't blame you buying the China tea set (daffodils-how prettty) but then you know me and afternoon tea. Can't wait to see a picture or 2 of it.

    Aidan sounds such a lovely boy, being gentle with animals shows a really caring side to his personality.

    Take care

    Keep up the lovely posts.

    Sft x

  2. Sorry meant to comment on the cake, what a thoughtful man Chris is.

    Sft x


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