Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Little Kitchen Shelf

Today I wanted to share with you my cute little kitchen shelf, which I love.

On my shelf sits my Daffodil tea set, a berry scented candle, my cooking scales and a Gingerbread man box.

It is decorated with a pretty bunting of red and white fabrics and has Gingerbread men hanging from the sides. My late Grandfather helped me to cut the Gingerbread men out of a large piece of wood and then I painted them myself, hanging just below them are some wooden hearts that were painted with a crackle paint but they seem to have crackled a bit much!!

Between the supports is a Blackwork embroidery of a heart, the writing says "Heart of the Home". I embroidered it myself, I love to do needlework but struggle to find the time these days.

Underneath the embroidery is the noticeboard I made, it was very simple to make but is very useful to post reminders, tickets and prescriptions on.

Well thats a guided tour of my favourite thing in my Kitchen, I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Vicky, you are so clever to do embroidery.

    I love your kitchen shelf, just you take care when you get your china down. It looks so pretty there.

    Sft x


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