Monday, 4 April 2011

My Cupcake book has arrived! I can't wait to get into the kitchen and bake something yummy and pretty, it seems like forever ago since I ordered it. I also couldn't resist a cute little Pink Gingham half Apron I saw, it makes me feel like a proper 50's housewife whilst doing my chores!

There's a a website I love called Good to Know, it's full of recipes as well as lots of other useful and interesting articles. They recently had
a top 100 list of Cupcake recipes and ideas for decorating, some are just so sweet.
Have a look, I bet you want to dive straight into your kitchen and bakes some!


  1. Hiya! Completely off topic, but hadn't been getting proper updates for your blog. Just wanted to find out whether you had decided to leave your job and be a full time mum or not? Am sure i read somewhere that you were thinking about it.

    Also wanted to send belated condolonces with regards to your friend who lost her battle with cancer. She sounds like a real inspiration and someone so brave. I hope your managing to work your way through the difficult times.xx

  2. Hi Dannie, The SAHM option is still very much in the mix. Need to declare my aspirations at work in May/June time and then they will look at everybodys choices and work out who they need to keep and who can go. Fingers crossed!!

    Emma was very much an inspiration, she has made me realise to value all that is important to me and not stress over the small stuff.


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