Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Well what can I say, didn't Catherine look lovely. Very stylish and graceful, I think she will make a lovely queen someday. You could tell that they really love eachother and I think it was lovely Harry said "wait until you turn round" to William as she was walking down the aisle. In truth I don't actually have much time for most of the Royal Family, they always seem very dour, but days like today make me warm to them as you see them as natural, real people. That said I always did think William and Harry were lovely boys, just wish their gran would smile a bit more often!

Anyway, we had our little party and drank Fizz all morning (which was great until I stopped and then I got the mid-afternoon hangover, ouch!) I am pleased that everyone said they enjoyed themselves. All of the food was eaten and the cakes were popular too.

Heres some right Royal photos!

And this one is my favourite photo of the whole Wedding, click on it for more photos :-)

Oh and you HAVE to watch this funny advert,

I had to do a double take on Wills, Harry and Kate!

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  1. PFVicky-Thank you so much for those lovely photos. You look like you had a fantastic time. I love Aidan's crown.

    And is that a pretty cake stand I spy?

    Thanks for the royal wedding photos and that advert (Mr SFT and I loved it)

    Sft x


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