Sunday, 27 May 2012

Gorgeous Weekend

It's been a gorgeous Sunny weekend here so we have taken full advantage of it, lets face it in England we never know when we will get nice weather!

 We started each Morning with Breakfast in the Garden, croissants and Brioche with jam and coffee for Chris, orange juice for Aidan and I.

 We went to B&Q not normally cheapest for plants I know but I had seen that they were doing buy one get one free on all their plants. By being a bit cheeky and doing several transactions I managed to get £56 of plants for £28 :-) 
I spent the Afternoon potting them up into pots and little displays like this one, I have got more than this one pot!.

Sunday Afternoon we went for a lovely picnic and stroll around the local park, it was so nice to sit shady and cool under the beautiful trees like this one.


 Here are my Boys relaxing in the cool with their belly's full of Ice-Cream!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too x x


  1. What a lovely weekend you had and you fitted so much in. Your hanging basket looks gorgeous. Mmm....breakfast in the garden...I must do that more often :) Love the photo of your boys in the park. Maggie xx

  2. Garden Breakfast was so peaceful and relaxing, trouble is I could have stayed there all day! x


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