Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My hometown

My Hometown is Northampton, I was born and bred here, there are about 190,000 inhabitants.
In Years gone by we used to be a Town famous for shoe making, there were so many Shoe Factorys and the majority of Town people were emplyed in the industry. Nowadays they are few and far between with only a couple remaining one being Church, they make shoes for the James Bond Films and have just fitted for the Great Britain Olympic Team. The only other main factory is called Trickers, and was used as the set of the Film "Kinky Boots".

We have also raised quite a few celebritys now, including

Comedian Alan Carr

We even had - "ALION Carr"

The newest Doctor Who, Matt Smith

Radio 1 DJ - Jo Whiley

And now we have a new Star:

Pudsey the Dancing dog!
Pudsey is into the Final of Britains got Talent (A show to find an Act to perform for the Queen at the Annual Royal Variety Show) he is so cute.

Here is a video of him busting a move!

As much as I moan about it I actually love my Hometown, 
How do you feel about your Hometown? Do you still live there?


  1. Thanks for sharing the info about Northampton, i pass that way each time i head up to Yorkshire, so it's nice to know a bit more about the place. In fact Northampton is the place where i will be doing my white water rafting:-)

    I enjoy going back to my hometown and seeing familiar faces. When i was growing up there was only about 4000 people living there so it was quite a small place and always feels like home when i go back.xx

    1. It must be nice to come from a smaller hometown, when I was younger we always used to go to my Dads hometown of Treherbert in Wales even though I am not from the as such it always felt homely as it was so much smaller.

      Let me know when you are coming White water rafting and we can maybe try and meet?


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