Thursday, 26 April 2012

Catching Water

We have a Hosepipe Ban here throughout the Summer if you are caught using a hosepipe the fine can be up to a £1000 and I don't know about you but that's not something I am prepared to risk. In typical British style since the hosepipe ban came into place there has rained everyday since! 
And I am talking absolutely Biblical rain not a little drizzle.

Knowing that the rain will stop at some point (it will right??) I wanted to be able to catch as much free water as possible to enable me to water my veggies. We already have a Water Butt connected to our down pipe, its a nice compact size but manages to hold 100 litres of rainwater, but I figured I could always do with a bit more! So I took some 4 pint Milk Cartons and some 2 litre pop bottles out of my recycling bin and chopped the tops off, they can now be found lined up in my garden like little soldiers ready for the next bout of rainfall.

Goodness knows what my Neighbours think, but in truth I don't really care!



  1. This is very common in Australia where we suffer bad and long droughts but it is hard to imagine the UK suffering from the lack of water. I don't know about your taps, but my hot water tap in the kitchen takes a few moments to get hot, so instead of wasting that cold water I collect it in a jug and use it on my pots.

  2. That's a good idea, I can try and run my windowsill herb pots under the water whilst it warms up :-)


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