Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Christmas Reading - DONE!

Yes, yes I do realise it is April!!!

Picture the scene, its late November, theres a definate nip in the air, I am beginning to feel Festive, I pop to the supermarket for a few bits and my eye is drawn to the book section, a sparkley book catches my eye further, it has a Christmassy looking scene on the front, hmmmmmm £3.99 not a bad price so it finds it's way into my Trolley. I get home, unpack my items, look fondly at my book thinking great I can't wait to sit and read that............................... and then life got in the way!

I started to read "The Twelve Days of Christmas" by Trisha Ashley 5 months ago, by no means a reflection of the book which I actually enjoyed a lot, more a reflection of how reading and small Children don't really mix also how reading and long driving commutes don't mix. I found by the time I had free time to read I was too tired to actually manage it! When a nice long soak in the bath (allowing me a few minutes uninterupted reading) seemed to be possible I would find myself suddenly accompanied by a small, splashing person. A few moments at Lunch would find me read 2 pages and then be joined by a colleague who wanted to chat. But now, happily, I can report that I have read every single page, front to back, start to finish. 

I figure if I start now I might just finish my next book in time for Halloween, 
I guess I had better make it something spooky!

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