Friday, 20 April 2012

Grocery budget update

A little while ago I posted that I wanted to reduce my food bills now I am a Stay at Home Mummy, so far all is going well and I am happy with my reductions. For my last 2 shopping weeks I have spent well under my previous £80 - £90 a week, todays was only £35 so well under half.

I had another huge box of goodies delivered from Approved Foods yesterday, they currently have an offer on the delivery costs which basically meant I paid no postage costs at all so all £35 I spent went on food that will last us for a number of weeks. I get tempted by their bargains so I think I am only going to allow myself look at the website once a month!

An example of the savings Approved Foods have allowed me to make can be seen in last night's tea, we had Chicken Korma, rice and homemade naan bread:

Korma sauce made by Lloyd Grossman and I bought 3 for £1 so cost approx 33p
Naan was a mix which again I got 3 for £1 so again approx 33p
1 chicken breast between 2 of us approx 57p
Small portion of rice between 2 of us about 20p

So total cost was under £1.50 for a meal for 2, which makes me very happy! :-)

Any foodie money saving tips for me?


  1. Approved food is so tempting, I am looking almost daily, have recently had a delivery which is number three after the first two went wrong.

    1. Oh dear, I am sorry the others were wrong, normally they are very reliable :-(

  2. I've only ordered off them once. They were very good but i ended up buying things just because they were on offer and not because i really wanted or needed them!

    That's great news on the moneysaving though and on cutting the grocery budget.

    1. It is a bit tempting, especially when you see 3 or 4 for £1 and think I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!


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