Sunday, 15 April 2012

Planting plants and Sowing seeds

We have had a bit of an odd day weather wise today, 1 minute it was heavy showers and we had to run for cover, the next bright sun, then chilly winds, then some more showers and back to bright sun! I never know what to wear on these kinds of days, I am a cold blooded creature and can't stand being cold but also dislike not being able to move due to clothing restrictions. Anyway, on and off we managed to potter about in the garden, there's my pretty new cordelyne in its lovely new pot, it is surrounded by pots of spring bulbs that have done really well considering I literally just shoved them in the ground in about November! The packs cost me just a few pounds so I figured I had little to lose and luckily I gained these beautiful, cheery flowers.

In my little greenhouse I have my Strawberry plants ready for a little warmer weather and also the tomato plants that I got reduced the other week, 2 varieties "moneymaker" and another that I forget!

Aidan `helped' me to sow some seeds, Lettuces, peas, beans and some sunflowers

In this tub I have planted some Red Onions and some White onions, I don't expect much from them but figured it couldn't hurt to try, see the inventive cat stoppers on the top!
The front tub has my big Sage plant that I got reduced to pence last week and also a littler Coriander plant that was 30p today, on my living room window sill I have some Basil, Rosemary and parsley seeds just beginning to sprout so when they are bigger I will pop them in here with these.

In a separate tub at the bottom of the garden is my Rhubarb plant. I was convinced it had died towards the end of the Summer but decided to leave it and let it take its chance over the Winter and was pleased to see it beginning to shoot again at the beginning of the year. Now its gone mad again and there's some lovely new stems just ready to be cut and eaten.

We have just eaten tea of homemade Cottage pie and to be honest I am absolutely worn out so I am going to pop my feet up and watch Gardeners world from Friday evening.

Enjoy your Sunday Evening x x


  1. Sounds like you've been really busy and made some great improvements in the garden. What green fingers you have with all those plants and veg growing, how lovely. That rhubarb sounds delicious:-)

    I tend to find that even when you no longer have a job, the time is always filled, i know being self employed that my time always seems to dissapear on doing so many different things!

    1. Dannie you are so right! My time just seems to disappear at the minute and I never used my diary as much as I have to now to make sure I don't clash my engagements!


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