Monday, 9 April 2012

I hope Everybody has had a wonderful Easter weekend? Ours has been lovely, just pottering about the house and garden, catching up on long overdue jobs, watching Disney films, eating nice food and enjoying each others company.

On Saturday we needed to pop to Homebase and whilst up there I had a look around the gardening section. I was surprised to see a huge rack of reduced plants and on further inspection the only thing wrong with the poor things were that they needed a good drink, we have a hosepipe ban here so I imagine the staff are struggling to keep up with the watering of so many plants. I managed to select 3 Tomato plants reduced from £1.99 each to 30p and also a huge sage plant from £3.99 down to 75p. We came straight home, sat them overnight in a bowl of water from the garden tank and as suspected they now look as good as new and are now recovering from their ordeal in the greenhouse.

Our task for today in principle is easy but anyone who has a male of the species living with them will know this will not be the case! In our living room we have a footstool, originally white but now due to numerous spills and toddler hand prints is now a grubby beige colour. Our mission for the day is to find some fabric that both I and Chris will agree on to re-cover it in. A bit of Internet browsing has been met by nothing but "No" "Really?" and indeed "As if!". Wish me luck, I am going to need it!!!!


  1. Your Easter sounds nice and chilled and all about family, just the way it should be:-)

    Hope you guys managed to find some fabric that you liked...eventually!

  2. Did you agree on any fabric? Glad you had a good Easter x


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