Saturday, 14 April 2012

Friday the 13th was good for me!

13 has always been my Lucky number, having a Birthday on the 13th means its a nice number after all you get presents, treats and cards!

I was treated to a little lie in, some gorgeous gifts including:

These 2 gorgeous little hand knitted mice that I fell in love with as we walked passed our Hospital shop on the way back from having our 12 week scan.
Chris went back and got them for me :-)

This very pretty pink cordilyne plant, its such a vibrant colour and looks gorgeous when the sun shines through its leaves.

Kirstie Allsopp's craft book, it has some really nice projects in that I cannot wait to try.A beautiful Yankee Candle shade and plate the same as this one, with a Lavender candle too.

Later in the week I am hoping to use some of my Birthday money to purchase my very first sewing machine!
I know its not a top of the range all singing all dancing one but after a bit of research I am quite confident it will serve my little needs.

In the evening I treated my Mum, Dad, Chris and Aidan to a meal out at the Harvester near us. Mum bought the drinks and we actually all chose something from the Early Bird menu so for the 5 of us it came to £44 which I thought was really reasonable as we all really enjoyed our food.

I had a lovely day, not wild or expensive but I feel lucky nether the less.

x x x

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